keyboards, guitar (acoustic or electric), bass guitar

"Jim Perry has taught guitar to my son Leo for over a year and has been a wonderful supportive teacher who has established a great rapport with Leo. Leo came to Jim already knowing the basics of playing, and Jim has helped him refine and deepen his knowledge of guitar playing and understanding music overall... I heartily recommend Jim for any beginning or advanced student"
- David Goodman
"Jim Perry is encouraging to his students whether they are young, middle aged or disabled. He is personable and very easy to talk to. He takes the challenges and works with it."
- Maria Schoff
"Jim was able to make learning enjoyable and 'fun', as Josh puts it. Jim was able to motivate and inspire Josh, who has both learning and social disabilities. Any good teacher can help his/her students master the skills necessary to learn to play an instrument. A 'great' teacher, on the other hand, is one who cares enough to go beyond the skill level to truly inspire his or her students and challenge them to grow. Jim Perry is one of those 'great' teachers."
- Darleen Farland

For the last two decades, Jim Perry has made a name for himself as a music teacher. Jim took his many years of leadership experience in the music world, and decided to apply it to music instruction. "It's a way of giving back," Perry says. "I love to share the knowledge that I have built up over the years." And his students truly appreciate it. Jim has a way of molding the lesson to the needs of each individual student. Jim also adapts to all of the different personalities that come to him for knowledge.

If you have a hard time coming to see Jim, he has options. One is to drive to your home if you live in the region. The other option is online webcam lessons, through the Skype network. So it really does not matter where you live! You can take advantage of Jim's unique ability anywhere in the world!

$25 for 1/2 hour
$45 for 1 hour

Contact Jim at jimperrymusic@gmail.com

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